Download Jumanji: Epic Run APK Update for Android from the link provided below.


Crazy Labs by TabTale is a top mobile video game publishing company that has over 2.7 billion downloads to date and has many popular games like Tricky Taps, Coin Rush, Slippery Slides, Run Sausage Run, Rope N Roll, and many more games to add in the list. There are so many games that are already available in-store and online for play, Crazy Labs by TabTale is all set to release a new game Jumanji: Epic Run which will fall under adventure genre.

To experience this new game, you can download Jumanji: Epic Run APK on your smartphone.

How to Play

Jumanji is a very popular story and even movie and now it’s available to play as well. The game starts where the popular sacred falcon jewel is stolen and you need to find this stolen jewel and it’s up to you how you going to find this stolen jewel.

While in the search of your stolen jewel you will be running through howling hyenas, free-fall waterfall, climbing mountains, and you should avoid avalanches coming in your way and defeat any other who is coming in your way.

Your path will be full of adventures which are filled with dangerous animals like rhinos, jaguars, vultures, and many more you need to be very careful at every step of yours you will be getting dangerous surprises.

Jumanji Epic Run Download

Jumanji: Epic Run will be coming as a 4-D runner game. The game comes with 4 different ways by which you can play this game. 

Marvelous 4 different game modes:

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  1. Charge Forward and fight your enemies
  2. Climb perilous cliffs
  3. Run from Animals stampedes 
  4. Dive of massive waterfalls

Download Jumanji: Epic Run APK Update

Application Name: Jumanji: Epic Run
File Size: 72.4 MB
Updated On: December 10, 2019
Current Version: 1.0.0
Requires Android: Varies with device

Download Link

Features of Jumanji: Epic Run Game

  • Jumanji: Epic Run APK comes with a 4-D runner with high-definition and super sound quality.
  • Select your favorite avatar, which you can choose from numerous characters like Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Shelly Oberon and many more.
  • Each character has their own and different skills like dance fight with nunchucks, hurl boomerangs, geometric calculations with trailblaze and riding animals like you’re the boss.
  • It’s a deadly battle and you should not allow anyone to come in your way if anyone comes in your way just kill them.
  • While playing the game there are marvelous and endless treasures that will be coming timely in the game, which you can collect for power-ups.
  • The magnetic field in which you can collect coins that are near you.
  • Shield bubble which will protect you from obstacles.
  • X2 which will double up your power to pick up the coins.
  • The game comes with super customization, you can customize your look as you like. Which is available in the game store.

How to Install

  • The very first step is you need to download Jumanji: Epic Run APK on your smartphone, from the link provided below.
  • Now, make a simple setting change. Click on the phone setting and look for security, unknown sources and tick mark “yes “this option.
  • Now, open the downloaded file and click on it. 
  • It will give you two options to install or cancel, just click on install.
  • Jumanji: Epic Run APK is ready to be played.

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