Download Steel Rage Game APK Update 2019 for Android

Download Steel Rage Game

Download Steel Rage APK Update 2019 for Android from the link provided below.

Now get over those heavy tanks and robots to fight like giants and switch to the robot combat cars with the new PvP action simulator game, Steel Rage. It is an online game of combat with robot war cars in various arenas with multi-players from all over the world.

Fight with players from all over the world in one arena with your combat car. So, get ready for a new thrill ride in the world of PvP action simulator gaming experience! The game packs tons of features and fighting abilities and upgrades to your war machine. Also, modify your machine and get ready to fight and conquer in the arena with your self-modified robot car, take your war machine to fight with online multiplayer from all over the world! 

Download Steel Rage Game

Steel Rage is a new action simulator online multiplayer for an android platform with tons of features packed. So, dive into the new era of cars in the form of war machines! let’s get into it and check out.

The features of Steel Rage: 

  • Choose your war machine: There are 13 fighting bodies, each one with a different specification which makes it fit for the war. Every car has a difference ranging from its specs to its appearance. Choose between mini, sedan, sport, muscle, Vans and SUV. There are tons of variety to choose your war car for the war.
  • Customization: You can customize your car according to your combat style. The game provides full customization in the robot war cars like military weapons, acting abilities, armor, etc. You can also paint your car according to your choice to camouflage in the war arena.
  • Weapons: There are all kinds of military weapons available in the inventory. From light, medium to heavy, we can choose the weapon of our choice. Machine guns, missiles, AP projectiles are also available. So, choose your weapon according to your war choice and style! 
  • Tactic strengths and abilities: With special abilities, we can complete our mech monster robot. The game has to be played while considering various tactical abilities. Always go for wearing a shield for better protection in the fighting arena. To attack from ambush, be invisible, use a nitro boost for rapid escapes and attacks. Use the various abilities at the correct time with precision to win the fight and knock all of them down! 
  • Variety of combats: We get full-scale warfare of up to 30 war robot cars in every match. We also get a 6 v 6 dynamic battle. Even more, combats and tactics make the game and every match a special thriller in its way! 
  • Awesome graphics: The graphics in the game are very beautifully detailed. So be ready for a stunning experience in the war field with the 3D amazing graphics.

Download Steel Rage APK Update 2019

Application Name: Steel Rage
Current Version: #NA
File Size: 69.1 MB
Uploaded on: October 04, 2019
Requires Android: Android 4.3 and up
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Click here to download APK file

Note: Steel Rage is in the pre-register stage as of now, we will update this article with the download link as soon as developers releases its beta version.

 So, this was all about Steel Rage, a new thrill ride in the PvP war simulator action game. Hurry to download and dive into the brand-new experience of war simulation. For more information, stay tuned to!


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