Download WhatsApp Sniffer 1.0.3 APK Update 2019

Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK

Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK Update 2019 for Android from the link provided below. The APK file is directly extracted from the remote server and uploaded here. our readers can download it for free.

About WhatsApp Sniffer

WhatsApp has now become no.1 instant messaging app and for many countries like India, Europe, the US, and many other countries WhatsApp has become the primary means of communication. It’s been used by billions of active users to make free video and voice calls with an internet connection. It helps people to get in touch with their friends and family members who are far away from them. It comes with a very simple user interface which makes it convenient for every aged people to use it without any hassle.

 But sometimes in curiousness when you didn’t get a reply from your friend or your loved ones you want to know who they are talking or chatting with and for parents it’s really important to know what their kids are doing in their life. So, if I would say now it’s really easy to see what other people are talking about you over WhatsApp or to eye on people you want to with WhatsApp Sniffer APK.

 WhatsApp Sniffer will allow the user to spy on your friends or loved ones to know to whom they are talking and what they are talking about. WhatsApp Sniffer will allow you to spy on anyone you want to spy from your WhatsApp contact.

Before it was impossible to spy on WhatsApp as it comes with so many security and privacy options which makes it difficult to check on other peoples what they are doing.

 WhatsApp Sniffer APK is not available on play store, so if you want to spy on people you need to Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK manually. WhatsApp Sniffer comes with a very simple user interface which makes it easier to Spy on people without any hassle. However, we all know to spy on any people or to get on their phones without their knowledge is not legal. 

Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK Update 2019

Application Name: WhatsApp Sniffer
Current Version: 1.0.3
File Size: 612 KB
Uploaded on: October 07, 2019
Requires Android: Android 4.3
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Click here to download WhatsApp Sniffer APK File

 Features of WhatsApp Sniffer

  • Free to use: WhatsApp Sniffer APK is available for free, you need not pay a single penny to download or to spy on people. There are many other Website which will ask you to use the premium version of WhatsApp Sniffer but before going to the premium version you should try Simple WhatsApp Sniffer.
  • Simple User Interface: WhatsApp Sniffer comes with a very simple user interface which is very clean and easy to use. Once the App is available on your smartphone you don’t need to sign up or register anywhere or need not to pay anything. It is very simple to use without any hassle you can spy on others WhatsApp.
  • keep in mind if any website asks you to pay just go back it might be malware. 
  • Best Spying APK for WhatsApp: WhatsApp Sniffer is right now one of the best and widely used WhatsApp spying App all over the globe. The new version of WhatsApp Sniffer comes with which makes it more useful by everyone. To download WhatsApp Sniffer APK you can find the link below.
  • Chats Management: WhatsApp Sniffer will allow you to manage your chats like the way you want to manage. You can now simply change the numbers you’re spying on to make sure which chats belong to whom. These features will help you when you want to spy on multiple accounts at a single time.
  • Import/Export: WhatsApp Sniffer updates APK will allow you to export or import chats from your device’s internal storage.

Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK

 How to Download WhatsApp Sniffer APK

  • To spy on WhatsApp you need to download WhatsApp Sniffer APK from the link provided below.
  • Now go to phone settings > Security > Unknown sources, just tick mark yes.
  • Now go to download on your device and click on the downloaded file.
  • Once you click, it will ask to install WhatsApp Sniffer APK or cancel. Just click on install.
  • The App is now available on your device.
  • Now first don’t open the app, go to Google PlayStore and download BusyBox.
  • Once the app is downloaded open it and when using WiFi enable ARP-Spoof.
  • Now tap on APP to start and enter the required details as asked to spy on WhatsApp contacts.

 How to Use WhatsApp Sniffer APK to Spy on WhatsApp contacts

 To use WhatsApp Sniffer APK you need to make sure that you’re using the rooted device and this app will only work when you and the person you want to spy on are using the same internet connection.

Both people should be using the same internet connection which will make WhatsApp sniffer will work as the IP Spoofing method. 

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